Therapeutic starvation at Anapa health center

“Salen” health center in Anapa invites to join small groups of 2-5 people for health improvement, weight correction based on the "Help yourself" course of medical and health starvation under the doctor’s guidance. Consultations and signing up in groups with Alexander by the phone +7 918 168 90 92. Your calls are mostly welcome from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. Moscow time any day of the week.

You also can apply by the following e-mail: salen-anapa@yandex.ru 

We have developed a starvation therapy health program using the professors Nikolayev Yu.S. and Stoleshnikov A.P. techniques. Starvation therapy is the most effective remedy to start deep cleaning and self-healing processes in our body. This is a very difficult but very effective way to gain health. In addition, starvation therapy can effectively regulate the patient’s weight, significantly reduce it, or maintain at a certain level, which allows you to achieve high psycho-emotional effect.

For our guests, we recommend 10-15-21 days of starvation therapy on water under the doctor’s supervision. Our program is a scheme according to which the healing procedure is carried out in 3 stages:

  • 1st stage – total starvation on living – spring – mountain water, for example, for 5 days;
  • 2d stage – starvation withdrawal – RDT (unloading diet therapy) - sour juices - citrus and pineapple (active withdrawal of toxins) - 5 days;
  • 3d stage - the second phase of starvation withdrawal on vegetable (alkaline) juices – RDT (unloading diet therapy) - alkalization of the gastrointestinal tract - 5 days.

In total, 15 days course is obtained, during which a person leads an active lifestyle (therapeutic gymnastics, simulators, terrenkur along the shoreline, massages, mud, sauna). Curator - the doctor controls each patient and makes each day the necessary appointments or their correction.

From the 16th day - transition to a natural or vegetarian diet, active lifestyle.

All the days you need control - be sure to keep entries in your personal diary:

  • Body weight after the morning toilet;
  • blood pressure.

The possible body reactions to starvation:

From the first day - furred tongue and smell from the mouth. You have to accept it and clean your tongue daily with a spoon - 2-3 times a day;

Urge to the toilet to urinate is in the usual mode, defecations are possible 1-2 times for the entire period of starvation. After the toilet, a cleansing enema is required. On other days - at will. Excrements have pungent, unpleasant odor;

lower extremities convulsions occurrences during sleep are possible.

To prevent it – you must put on warm clothes, put on woolen socks when sleeping;

The first 3 days the body weight is reduced of 1.2-1.5 kg per day, then within 400-800 g per day.

The real weight loss for 5 days of complete water starvation and 10 days of starvation withdrawal – RDT (unloading diet therapy) on citrus and vegetable juices is 10 - 12% of the weight;

Light dizziness, weakness, drowsiness. Do not make any sudden movements, do not perform heavy physical work, do not work in a bent position.

An approximate daily routine for people on starvation therapy at the CSO "Salen"


Morning exercises or walk outside.


Breakfast – water and juices drinking.

10.00 – 13.00

Physiotherapy, walk

13.30 – 16.00

Lunch, rest.

16.00 – 18.00

Gymnastics, gym, cedar barrel.



19.00 – 22.00

Billiards, tennis, watching movies.


Rest, sleep.

The list of procedures, the daily routine, the training regime is determined individually by the attending physician.

Starvation therapy course 1 day cost:

“All inclusive” accommodation, transfer and health program

From 3 300 roubles per day.

Optional services:

  • Special healing massage of the Ayurveda healer A.V. Gribkov. (2500 roubles per 1.5 hours session).
  • Visceral chiropractor Koval S.N. procedures (2000 rubles per 1 hour session).
  • Psychologist interview (2000 roubles).

The minimal course duration is 10 days (5+3+2).

It is advisable to perform therapeutic starvation 1-2 times a year, but it should be understood that the effect will only be achieved with a change in lifestyle (nutrition, exercise).

On days when we are undergoing therapeutic starvation, physical activities, an active way of life - even more intense than usual, are mandatory.

The maximum effect is achieved during the procedure in a group in a specialized institution, under the supervision of a medical specialist. Health center "Salen" provides this opportunity in full.

For the first interview with a doctor the guests must have fresh blood test results with them.  

You are welcome with your questions, call Aleksandr Sergeevich: +7 918 168 90 92

E-mail us: salen-anapa@yandex.ru

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16 мая 2019
Сборы для бильярдистов 2019

Лето - горячая пора в тренировочном и соревновательном графике спортсменов. Сегодня многие занимаются бильярдом профессионально, соблюдают спортивный режим,уделяют внимание ОФП и комплексному подходу к тренировочному процессу.Сборы - реальная возможность протестировать себя,с помощью специалистов увидеть достоинства и недостатки,исправить погрешности техники.
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30 апреля 2019
Супер Акция для наших гостей!

14 сезон мы работаем в Витязево. В каждом городе страны есть люди, которые были у нас на отдыхе. Есть много детей зачатых в Салене,которых мы знаем и многие нам не известны. Мы рады что существует такая огромная социальная сеть - ЦСО Сален, в которую приходят все новые и новые гости. Мы всех вас помним, ценим, любим, желаем здоровья счастья и добра! В честь некруглой даты мы предоставим 10 % скидку всем гостям, которые с 1 по 31 мая забронируют однокомнатные апартаменты на июнь - август 2019 года. Заявки оформляем на сайте или по телефону администраторов - 8 918 943 56 47
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14 апреля 2019
Сален-Профи это круто.

Каждое воскресенье, круглый год, 7 лет подряд в 12 часов дня собираются ценители Русского бильярда на турнир. Без фор, гандикапов - все равны - ведь взнос для всех одинаков. На наших турнирах
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